Hiking the Highest Mountain in Taiwan -Mt. Jade Main Peak and North Peak

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Hiking the Highest Mountain in Taiwan -Mt. Jade Main Peak and North Peak
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Watching the sunrise on the summit of the tallest mountain in Taiwan, then admiring the majestic main peak from the north peak, started from a Facebook post of my senior high school class mate. We were supposed to summit Mt. Jade (or YuShan) in mid-June. But night before we started the hike, a typhoon warning was issued and we had no other choice but cancel the whole hike. Two months later, we were ready to try again, but then an other potential typhoon was developing near the Philippines. Luckily it didn’t turn into a typhoon and it was good weather through out the whole hike.



Photographing Berlin -Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall

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Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall by Wilhelm Chang
To classical music lovers, the Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall is like a holt temple because it’s the home to Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra -One of the top Orchestras in the world. Its original venue was destroyed in the second world war, and the state opera house, which was used as a temporary home for the orchestra, was bombed the next year. After the war, a dedicated concert hall designed by Hans Scharoun was inaugurated on 15 October, 1963 with a performance of Beethoven’s ninth symphony, conducted by Herbert von Karajan.



Photographing Munich -Cuvilliés Theatre

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Cuvilliés Theatre by Wilhelm ChangMost people probably wouldn’t miss The Residenz when visiting Munich, and because of my love of photographing theatres, I also visited its theatre. But not the new Residenztheater but the old one -Cuvilliés Theatre. I was wondering why a German theatre has a French name, but after some quick searching, I found out that it’s named after its Belgian-born Bavarian architect François de Cuvilliés. Even Mozart’s opera “Idomeneo” was premiered here.



London New Year’s Eve Fireworks Guide

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Firstly, yes, it’s worth it. Just go for it if you’re considering going to London for new year’s eve.
I’m not much of a n.y.e. party, fireworks kinda guy, but after consulting with some friends, they all told me to go since I haven’t ever been to any of London n.y.e. fireworks events. And turned they’re quite right, it’s definitely the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen.


Most Beautiful Place in the World? A Guide to Norway’s Lofoten Islands

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Most Beautiful Place in the World? A Guide to Norway's Lofoten Islands by Wilhelm Chang
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Lofoten islands is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world. And after visited the archipelago myself, I can say there’s not a bit of exaggeration in that statement. Other than the cute villages and majestic fjords, situated in the arctic circle, Lofoten islands is also a great place to see the northern lights and mid-night sun. But somehow, Lofoten is less known than -not just its southern counterparts -Pulpit Rock, Trolltunga and Kjerag, but also Iceland. And because of this, I would recommend Lofoten Island to travellers who want to go to Iceland but don’t want to self-drive or those who’ve been to Iceland and want to be amazed by great landscape again. Because Lofoten is easy-er to get around by public transportation than Iceland, one can easily covered lots popular sites by bus, and it also shares some high latitude features such as northern lights and mid-night sun but still has its own unique culture and geological sceneries.